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Letter of the Week: We need to commit to our official plan and bylaws
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Dear editor:

There was a day when the words “bylaw” and “official plan” meant something.

A bylaw by definition, is a regulation, something that has been given much serious thought in order to enforce a policy or plan.

Likewise, an official plan is something that has been given much serious thought and has two components. “Official,” as in, this is really serious and has been approved by an official body, and ”plan,” something with the intention of being carried out to build or achieve something.

Those fundamentals about good governance appear to have been forgotten as we continue to read about all the variances or deviations from our bylaws and official plans that are being encouraged or permitted by our town staff and councillors.

Such is the case, once again, as outlined in “Staff supports King Street condo” (The Lake Report, Jan. 25): A “staff report said the project is consistent with the town, region and provincial planning policies.”

Actually, this is questionable, even at the local level.

Let’s pick just one item, unit density. The developer is proposing 52.8 units per hectare; the median permitted density is 30 units.

My math tells me that is almost two times the permitted density. But then again, in the eyes of those who are supporting the development, two is a very small number.

We need to do better and be committed to our bylaws and official plan.

Bill Garriock

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