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Letter of the Week: We look forward to reading NOTL news in print
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

Thank you for the great editorial, “The future of news in NOTL,” (Feb. 15), about The Lake Report’s plans to continue publishing its printed edition while also regularly updating your news website, niagaranow.com, for those who like to read the news online.

We are some of those people that enjoy reading our newspapers in hard copy form.

For us, it is much easier to go through 28 pages or more of our local paper with a printed copy in hand.

The ads are easier to notice and see. We can cut out the items that we are interested in.

We enjoy working on the crossword puzzles and Sudoku.

We have enough other projects that take a lot of time on the computer, so reading our local news off-line gives us a nice break.

Erika & Bob Buchkowsky

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