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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Letter of the Week: Just slow down and obey the speed limit

Dear editor:

I seriously don’t get it.

Last year, the paper featured opinion letters about speeders and private individuals investing their time to push the region to reduce speeds.

And now with measures put in place to address some of the speeding problems, people complain that it’s a cash grab.

“It was a PD day, signs aren’t big enough, no flashing lights any more.”

No sooner are the new measures put in place and the first thing people think is what can I “get away with?”

The consensus is that with the region’s speed cameras, you’ll get a ticket if you’re travelling about 11 km/h over the posted limit. Whatever happened to abiding by the rule of law?

The difference between 40 km/h and 50km/h on a 500-metre stretch of road will have zero impact on your day. Zero.

There was considerable awareness and marketing about the arrival of the cameras. Even signs saying “coming soon” were posted well in advance.

It highlights the fact that laws change and, as drivers, we are obliged to be aware of them and heed them.

At no point does the need of a driver to get from A to B as quickly as possible take priority over the safety of vulnerable road users.

The roads we have are part of a common transportation system to be used by all — safely.

Life is too short, too precious and too beautiful to squander away on a road incident. Let’s all look to ourselves to improve our driving. No one else is going to do it for us.

Frank Hayes
St. Davids


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