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Thursday, February 29, 2024
Letter of the Week: Finally, more beer sales in more stores. Eventually
Letter writer Nigel Napier-Andrews looks forward to changes in the way Ontario sells beer. FIREFLY

Dear editor:

The news that the Ontario provincial government is finally living up to its promise to allow beer sales in more grocery stores is good news indeed.

Perhaps we also will be able to buy beer with smiling good service at the corner store.

The CBC this week reported that the Ford government would soon announce these changes – but they might not take effect until 2026.

The Beer Store, a foreign-owned oligopoly, seems determined to propagate an environment of “customer lack of service.”

Store staff seem to be trained to be unhelpful and dismissive (in my limited experience) and outlets no longer post a list of beers available.

It closed its store in Niagara-on-the-Lake (where Butler’s Grill now provides both excellent service and beer, but sadly doesn’t accept bottle returns).

It’s more than 15 kilometres to the nearest Beer Store from NOTL.

That’s a long way for elderly citizens to drive to return a few wine bottles for refunds and pick up a six pack.

So, bring on beer in grocery stores, but also give a thought to providing more outlets for bottle returns.

Nigel Napier-Andrews 

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