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Letter: More on resident rights when a neighbour builds
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

I felt the frustration rolling off the words of Kip Voege in his Dec. 7 letter, “Do residents have rights when neighbours build next door?

It seems the process has been long and arduous, as his neighbours build their dream house.

Do residents have rights? In my opinion the answer is both yes and no.

Yes, we are allowed freedom of information, but it’s regarding the overall build and a list of boxes to check off.

Does the proposed new house sit within the front, rear and side setbacks? Will the new house be built within the maximum height allowed? If there are no variances requested then no, there will be no notice given to town residences.

I’m sorry the new house restricts your view of the Niagara River and interferes with your digital reception. There isn’t much that can be done now about the view.

However, I would hope you can find a compromise about the reception. As for the addition of outdoor potlights, again I share your frustration.

So many new houses are lit up like an airport runway. Why do new homes need so many lights all along the front, side, rear and the driveway?

In other letters and articles, The Lake Report has written about light pollution. I hesitate to use that term, but in some cases it does apply.

I used to think the town was so dark at night. If we keep building these runway-worthy houses, I’m rethinking my stance.

The night sky is lovely and I enjoy seeing all the stars, all from the comfort of my own property. That could change if builders keep adding more and more outdoor lights.

Lara Davidson

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