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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
Letter: More bike lanes needed on NOTL roads
Jackie Bonic says the town needs more off-road bike trails. RICHARD HARLEY/ MIDJOURNEY

Dear editor:

In John Morley’s guest column last week (“No harm in connecting Rand and heritage trail“), he points out that the Niagara Parkway bike trail was planned in 1985.

We are very fortunate the planning took place at the time but that was at a time when Niagara-on-the-Lake and environs had a much smaller population than is here today.

There are also many more businesses that take advantage of this facility to rent trail vehicles to tourists, so I suspect the traffic along this trail has much more than doubled since it was planned. Which brings me to my point.

We need more safe, off-road bike trails. They have managed to pull this off in Toronto despite its heavily populated areas.

It’s time we started doing that here.

Lakeshore Road was resurfaced and no improvement was made to the bike lanes.

That showed a blatant disregard of the needs of the residents. More effort has to be made by town council to ensure this gets done.

We need safe bike lanes on all major routes so you can get around safely no matter what vehicle you choose. To do otherwise is to discriminate against cyclists.

Jackie Bonic

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