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Letter: Modern literature is a morality-free zone
Reader Joost Vandelinde thinks literature is far too vulgar these days. He wants to see that combatted. FIREFLY

Dear editor:

Further to the firing of NOTL Public Library CEO Cathy Simpson, while I don’t know which books are excluded from the library collection, many of the books I peruse on library shelves have become, in a word, “rough.”

Whereas authors at one time may have had a positive influence on society, they now often seem to reflect a  lowering of standards, a somewhat morality-free zone.

I don’t have to leaf through a lot of current literature before I run into vulgarity or insensitive language.
There are those of us who still think there are words that should be handled with extreme reverence.

For example, call us old-fashioned (or worse ) but the word “God” for some of us still inspires reverence and awe. “Oh my God” is more than just an expression.

Say what you will but we cringe at some of the things people let fly from their lips.

Unfortunately writers use sacred words out of context all the time, which in my estimation is not only insensitive but childish.

It is a sad state when the name of God and Jesus become nothing more than an expletive. We’ve become very accepting of the vulgar lexicon, such as the f-word, the s-word and infantile terms for body parts etc.

As a longtime adult I recall my early schooling, so it surprises me now when I meet teachers who use words they once forbade.

I am reminded of the time my wife came home early from her book club. Not only did she point out some glaringly crude expletives — but her fellow readers didn’t even notice — they had become hardened to vulgarity.

None of that group had any idea there was a commandment that condemned such language and fewer knew the source of that commandment.

I may be a poor man to a banker but when it comes to vocabulary I am wealthy. I gather my words from the top shelf.
If it was Simpson’s intention to introduce books that counter some of such dark literature, I’m all for it.

Joost Vandelinde
St. Davids

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