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Letter: Inappropriate developments don’t deserve kudos
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

Letter writer Peter Rusin, a former Burlington resident and a real estate professional specializing in expropriation, appears to be a cheerleader for developers (“A positive viewpoint on two new NOTL projects,” The Lake Report, Feb. 9).

He also seems to not be aware of the clear-cutting done by developer Benny Marotta’s company on the Rand Estate in 2018, nor the fact the Mary Street apartment proposal is the second time around for this sow’s ear.

Neither inappropriate development deserves kudos.

The multi-storey apartment building on Mary Street near Mississagua dwarfing the area houses, backing up traffic and announcing to visitors that Old Town isn’t the picturesque village it once was, is hardly something for which to be grateful.

And although the few dozen saplings Mr. Marotta planted to dress up the grande allée into his new Stone Eagle Winery are nice, they hardly atone for the majestic old-growth forest his company cut down in 2018.

Bob Bader



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