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Letter: In-camera decision on trail was cowardly
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

It seems that developer Benny Marotta is unwilling to give up a single inch of all the land that he owns on both sides of his new development.

It is obviously impossible to allow access via East & West  Line through Two Sisters Vineyard or through his two properties on John Street.

Although the East & West Line access is designated agricultural, if the town had agreed (and most residents would have supported) allowing a road on this land, I’m sure a ministerial order would have been forthcoming.

The Ford government has no problem issuing ministerial zoning orders and as they are about to pave over the best farmland in the province, what do a few rows of grapes matter?

Instead, our council has decided to allow the destruction of supposedly protected heritage features and to donate Marotta land from our beloved Upper Canada Heritage Trail.

Many residents have donated to support upkeep and restoration of the trail over the years and it is used every day by scores of people (and their dogs).

This was a craven decision by council taken in secret without any input from the public. I imagine this might be because council members couldn’t face the outrage that would occur at a public meeting.

If council has any integrity, a public meeting should be held to show residents how and why this decision was arrived at, how it will be implemented and to let us know when the money we all donated might be returned.

Barbara Waller

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