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Letter: Ideology, religion and horrible views
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

It is no coincidence that the negative views on Canada’s rainbow coalition, and our very own version in Niagara, are uttered by a Catholic, (“NOTL Catholic trustee suspended for Nazi and Pride flag comparison,” The Lake Report, Jan. 25).

Since the first public murder by the Catholic church in AD 385, the church has sought to carry out “purification” of peoples all over the world.

The Nazis were an extension of this ideology and were supported by the Catholic church in the “extermination” of “undesirables.”

The Catholic church actively participated in Second World War extermination camps in Croatia.

So good Catholics everywhere are presumably “obligated” to take a similar stance: let’s get rid of all “undesirables.”

That a school “trustee” goes public on such views is not only sad, it is utterly horrible: she should be prosecuted under Canada’s hate laws.

Kaspar Pold

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