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Letter: Hoping for quick repair to damaged sidewalk
Letter to the editor. File

The following letter to Lord Mayor Gary Zalepa was submitted to The Lake Report for publication. In response, the mayor forwarded the issue to a staff member to arrange a service request.

Jack and I live on Field Road in Virgil and our sidewalk was dug up in the fall due to a sewer problem at our neighbour’s house.

It has been months and there is still no repair in sight.

I called the town a few days ago at 9 a.m. and at 10:30 a town employee was here to investigate and did some measurements. A great response.

I got a call from the engineering department in the afternoon to say that the sidewalk will not get repaired till July.

I was livid. Why so long? It’s already close to six months already.

Jack walks daily and he is now 92. He has had two mini strokes that affected one leg, so exercise is important for him. Walking across this broken sidewalk is now difficult.

Many Pleasant Manor residents walk this route also and are using walkers. They detour and walk on the road although the traffic has now increased due to the road construction on Hwy. 55.

If one of our seniors falls or get hit by a car, who will be responsible?

Please help us be a safe village and get the sidewalk repaired ASAP. I think if this was in the Old Town it would already be repaired.

My tax dollars get paid on time, so I am hoping for a quick solution to this problem.

Teresa Bell

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