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Letter: Here’s why NOTL is special and we preserve the past
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Dear editor:

I am writing regarding Alexander Evans’ Jan. 26 letter, “Just ‘ask why,’ when debating property rights in NOTL.”

Why does heritage negate individual rights? Because official plans and zoning bylaws have been passed because the majority of residents want the town’s heritage to be protected.

Because we love how this town’s architecture looks and revere the past.

Because this is what draws tourists to this town and keeps our small businesses going.

Because if you want to build a different style of house there is enough land in Ontario (or anywhere in Canada) that you can build what you want somewhere else.

Why does Niagara-on-the-Lake deserve special treatment?

Because it is so special and draws tourists from all over, from near and far, to enjoy this preserved gem and all that it offers – including the enormously popular Shaw Festival.

Why are houses of the 1800s protected over the contemporary?

Because those of us that live here love how they look and want to keep a portion of the past just the way it was. By building different styles all over the place, it totally ruins the look and feeling of the historic part of the town.

We move here and spend the money on our homes because of the very special nature of this lovely town, so don’t expect us not to fight to keep it this way.

Paulette Kennedy

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