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Letter: Former mayor Disero offers thanks for hard work in 2023
Former Lord Mayor Betty Disero gives thanks for the hard work done in NOTL in 2023. FILE PHOTO Evan Saunders

Dear editor:

Well, 2023 has come and gone. I hope it was a good year for everyone.

I am writing to thank those who played a large role in some of the work completed in town this year.

The floral and lighting enhancements to the Glendale bridge and roundabout, the new look of the Virgil commercial centre, the new heritage district entrance, the Pride crosswalk and the new crosswalk at the community centre to name a few.

A big thank you goes to former council members Norm Arsenault, Allan Bisback, Clare Cameron, Stuart McCormack, John Wiens as well as current councillors Gary Burroughs, Wendy Cheropita, Sandra O’Connor and Erwin Wiens for their collective leadership.

Thank you for your time and in-depth discussion, spending hours in the planning and the financial processes during some very difficult times.

Thank you to residents Margaret Louter, Richard Wall, Justin Williams and architect Gordon Stafford. Gerry Kowalchuk (for his time and generosity), the town’s inclusivity committee, the St. Andrews/Aberdeen residents who all worked with council providing support and expertise on these projects.

Ongoing gratitude goes to town staff. Chief administrator Marnie Cluckie and director of operations Rome D’Angelo will be missed.

Thanks also to the newest council members – Lord Mayor Gary Zalepa, Tim Balasiuk, Maria Mavridis, Nick Ruller and Adriana Vizzari – for allowing this work to be completed. I wish them much success in 2024.

So, Happy New Year everyone. All my best wishes and I hope 2024 will be another great year.

Betty Disero

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