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Letter: Does NOTL library really need a CEO?
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

It seems to me that all the letters about the pros and cons regarding the dismissal of chief librarian Cathy Simpson, are all avoiding the “elephant in the room.”

My question is why are we paying a $120,000 salary for a head librarian of a small-town library?

Is it perhaps because we give them the ridiculous title of chief executive officer? What is wrong with the title of chief or head librarian, and paying them a salary more in line with their responsibilities?

Especially, when in the same edition of your newspaper is the article that town council has approved a 6.75 per cent tax hike.

I realize that it is almost impossible to find someone who is called a short order cook, a wine steward or even a clerk as today they are all chefs, sommeliers or administrators.

As a taxpayer, I say call them what you wish, but don’t overpay them with taxpayers’ money.

Hopefully the library board will look more closely at salary when conducting its review and hiring of Simpson’s replacement.

Peter Harvey

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