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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Letter: Congrats to all who made polo fundraiser successful
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Dear editor:

A big thank you to our Niagara-on-the-Lake Museum staff and volunteers for organizing Saturday’s polo matches on the Commons.

We appreciated all the work that was involved both before and during, and by the end of the day all those involved must have been exhausted.

As a chartered accountant, I looked at the significant economic activity and I hope that the town and its politicians appreciate the economic impact of museum events such as this one.

Despite some attendees bringing picnic lunches, the local food vendors must have had one of their best days of the year, and if our table and the ones nearby were any example, a lot of Niagara wine was sold.

And some of the attendees were likely from out of town, which means more business for NOTL hotels and restaurants.

Amazing! And thanks to the town for its ongoing support of this unique cultural institution.

The NOTL Museum is not your grandmother’s museum. Its events and activities are a tourism magnet (I’m sure that it wasn’t just the horses that came from Toronto), while its collections and displays reflect the depth and richness of our local history.

We are so fortunate.

John Sayers