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Letter: Community had no say in approval of rainbow crosswalk
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

It is always the same defensive argument, that to express a different opinion or to even raise a question in the first place is seen as hateful.

The rainbow crosswalk represents only the opinion of a minority group and its supporters, who show no interest in whether this represents the majority of residents whose opinions may differ.

In this case, majority opinion appears to be dismissed as being of no importance, even though this is a highly controversial and, to many, a moral issue and one that concerns the use of public property.

To make the claim that this visual display, situated in Old Town, is an indicator to all that Niagara-on-the-Lake welcomes everyone is a false claim for obvious reasons.

The deliberate avoidance of a proper survey to determine public opinion before the crosswalk was approved undermines the importance of our democratic process and this in turn no doubt angers many residents.

While in my opinion the responding behaviour is completely unjustified, it is not surprising that this leads some to carry out acts of common vandalism, which otherwise would draw little attention.

Derek Collins

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