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Letter: A stunning edition celebrating International Women’s Day
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

I just received the latest edition of The Lake Report and I am stunned beyond words.

What a breathtaking photo on the front page of Niagara-on-the-Lake women celebrating International Women’s Day.

It warmed my heart as I’m sure it did for all who received the paper.

You had spectacular weather and clearly a very talented photographer who was able to capture this moment with such clarity.

But it didn’t end there. What an honour it was to even be mentioned in your Honour Roll on page 14.

When it comes to newspapers I am very old-fashioned. This will be one of those editions that I will cherish and keep for my grandchildren.

It is yet another reason to keep newspapers in print format. They are often “keepers.” When everything turns digital one day, this will be even more valuable to me.

Your International Women’s Day initiative should stir even more awards for The Lake Report in the future. You have set a standard that should travel across this great country.

Yes, women have a certain strength that comes from the heart. We are fuelled by a different form of propulsion than men, which historically often meant we were powerless.

But thank the good Lord this has changed. The special recognition your paper has shown is all part of that remarkable change.

Thank you sincerely not only from myself, but for every woman and girl who showed up for the wonderful photo.

I will indeed regret it forever that my daughter Tanya and I were unable to make it on that sunny Monday morning.

My gratitude runs deeper than the Niagara River. Bless you all at The Lake Report.

Trisha Romance

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