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Thursday, February 29, 2024
Letter: A Christmas tale with a distinct NOTL twist
Letter writer Rick Monette writes a poem about how the town has handled the issue of access to a future subdivision on the Rand Estate. FILE PHOTO File/Evan Saunders

‘Twas ten days before Christmas when in the Virgil Government House,

Council met in secret, quiet as a sneaky little mouse.

While good town residents celebrated the festive season,

And the tourists licked and littered with neither rhyme nor reason,

The elves of council held a “special meeting” to cook up a scheme,

Which alas, had a woefully familiar theme.

The Garys, Erwin, Wendy, Maria and all the rest were there,

Cozy, clubby, hidden in their chambers lair.

And, of course, the public was excluded so no one could listen or judge what was fair!

It’s Christmas, the town councillors all said, so what do we need?

A gift they all cried; a gift shall be decreed!

But to whom, for what, doesn’t there need to be a reason?

Why not to a developer more than one declared fore it ’tis the season!

But what more, they all asked can we give to owner of most of the towne?

Why not public land said all? Public land he can pave over to feather his crown!

But the town has owned the heritage trail for 50 years, someone should have noted.

And a dedicated group is determined to fix it, use it, ensure it is promoted.

Who cares about the voters, the taxpayers, the residents, the heritage devoted?

For the developers always prevail with this council since the public last voted!

Rick Monette

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