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Letter: 50 no parking signs and now 76 plastic bollards
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Dear editor:

Did you know that “It’s Miller Time,” a brewery established in 1855 in Milwaukee, Wisc., has now been replaced by “It’s White Knuckle Time” in the village of St. Davids?

Much to my displeasure, the historic identity of this once unique community was changed with the overkill placement of 50 no parking signs at the toe of the Niagara Escarpment, an internationally recognized UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

In addition to this unsightliness, the staccato placement of 76 collapsible, white and green bollards by the Region of Niagara has made matters even worse.

These posts, neatly installed, now form a corridor along both sides of the travelled portion of the road where no parking is possible any longer along Creek Road.

On Sept. 9, while enjoying an afternoon at the Grist Restaurant, I saw an ambulance with its siren and flashing red lights on was rapidly heading toward Niagara Falls along Creek Road.

Motorists in both directions dutifully stopped their vehicles. As there was no longer any place for the cars to move over onto the shoulder of Creek Road because of the white and green bollards, the ambulance had to zig zag to avoid a collision with oncoming traffic.

A narrow miss to say the least.

This is not good planning by any stretch of the imagination. I was jolted to see what has happened to what was once a beautiful entrance to the village.

The no parking signs and 76 collapsible bollards extend past what was formerly known as Ife’s Old Mill Inn on the east side of Creek Road.

Peter Secord built that grist mill in 1837 and it’s now and has been for some time identified as a historically interesting asset to Niagara-on-the-Lake.

This inn was where Marilyn Monroe stayed and dined while filming “Niagara” in the early 1950s.

While there is much to be thankful for among all the historic and cultural assets that are found in this community, it’s almost laughable and completely ludicrous to see what the Region of Niagara has now done to contribute to destroying an important entry statement to St. Davids.

But, after all, it’s only St. Davids.

It’s time the Region of Niagara and Town of NOTL show some leadership and interest in maintaining the integrity of the village of St. Davids instead of approving anything within the urban boundaries of the village.

“Joltin” Joe DiMaggio, briefly the husband of Marilyn Monroe, a Yankee slugger of renown, would not be happy to see what currently is located in front of the property that was once Ife’s Old Mill Inn.

By the way, when the white and green plastic bollards were installed, the regional workers parked their vehicles on private property as there was no room to park along the wide shoulders of Creek Road because of the no parking signs and endless staccato placement of 76 plastic bollards.

Where did they park? The Grist, of course.

John Morley
St. Davids

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