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Friday, June 14, 2024
Letter to the editor: “Let’s solve this, not fight about it”


There has been a lot of mud slung lately regarding this ongoing action against the property status of non-humans. None of this is beneficial to those who’s (sic) views differ from our own, or the town as a whole.

For the investment in five electric carriages, this can all be ended quickly and quietly.

No one has to go out of business, and no one needs to be so enraged as to slander others for no reason.

 The cost of a decent, ornate, aesthetically pleasing electric carriage? Less than $6,000. 

From my knowledge, that’s less than the cost of feeding one horse for one year. 

Is the entire reputation of NOTL worth this small investment? 

Times are changing — the world is rejecting animal use more and more every day. This movement isn’t going away, it’s the fastest growing movement on earth right now. Retire the horses to pasture, maintain the “old world charm” of NOTL, but move into the 21st century — these horse carriages belong in a museum, not on the streets. 

Adam Stirr

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