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Letter to the editor: Supporters, not protesters


Inge Enss

I would like to make something clear to the newspapers and our mayor of Niagara-on-the-Lake. 

The carriage supporters at the event on July 28 were not there to protest but to stand behind fellow Town citizens, Fred and Laura Sentineal; their families; and employees who are fighting to make a living.

We did not shout slogans and had no placards. We stood quietly, handing out pamphlets and answering questions.

We were all residents of the Niagara Region, not from other parts of Ontario. We paid for our parking and were given no special treatment by our own Town; in fact, the opposite.

It was nice to see counsellor (sic) Betty Disero showing support for a citizen of her town.

Where were the others?

Our mayor, Mr. Darte, was so ready to point out the fundamental right as a Canadian to protest.

Now I have a question for him – does a protestor have the right to destroy the livelihood of a fellow Canadian?

These were activists who go from place to place, stirring up people and trouble without understanding the whole picture.

Did they bother to go to Sentineal’s farm and see how the horses are actually treated? Probably not because then they would realize there really wasn’t anything to protest about.

They have never seen the light in a child’s eye or the face of a disabled person or war vet sitting on a horse, noticing that they have achieved something that they never thought they would be able to. My sister volunteers at a stable dedicated to making this happen. It is her greatest joy to see how these people connect with the horses.

So, Mr. Stirr, open your eyes and see the real world, the whole world. Take the money people have given you and go to the Rescue Farms and help them look after the horses.

Leave the Sentineal carriages alone.

Their horses are part of the family and are very well looked after.

There are still people who enjoy a quiet carriage ride through the historic town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Let them enjoy it uninterrupted.

I.R. Enss

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