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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Letter to the editor: “Yours, well fed and content”


Bill Cochrane Snr.

I read with interest about the protests against the use of bred horses to pull carriages of tourists around Old Town.

Clearly the same would apply to Her Majesty the Queen and all of the Royal Family as they are paraded through Windsor, London and throughout their realm.

Camels, and donkeys similarly must have been abused trekking to Bethlehem all those years ago. 

On a similar tangent, how are we to have our Budweiser delivered?

Following the arguments put forward by the protestors, it seems that we should cease and desist The Peach Festival as surely we have abused Mother Nature by planting and growing this wonderful fruit for the gratification of selfish mankind.

Oh, what are we to eat and drink if we carry this nonsense to its ultimate end?

Cattle, lambs, pigs, chickens, fish must not be bred, caught and slaughtered for the gratification of mankind. 

Potatoes, carrots, rutabagas, peas and all vegetables must not be planted and harvested to feed mankind.

Grapes being picked, fermented, filtered and bottled for humanity’s gratification must be stopped.

By now has the point been made that those that oppose carriage rides are undeserving of our attention?

Ridiculous is as ridiculous be — they are, in the classical sense, a total waste of space, undeserving of a scintilla of time and consideration.

Our Lord Mayor is far too politically correct.

All protestors back on the busses, return home. You have been exposed for, I suspect — having seen the pictures of you on parade — eating, drinking and making merry, defying your own beliefs.

Make our town pretty again. Leave.

Yours, well fed and content,

Bill Cochrane Snr.

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