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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Letter to the editor: “To those who will listen”

Jennifer Jones-Butski


Some time ago, some people in this world decided it was time for change.

Now, I’m good with change, when it’s for the better.

In this case, however, it’s not. It’s for the absolute worst.

Many cities within our country and world have become the target of “anti-speciesism” protesters — the vast majority of them also being vegan.

To be clear, I have no issues with vegans in general, so long as their opinions and way of life are not being shoved down my throat. 

These protesters are relentless, and their main goal is to end the breeding of any domesticated animal.

They want to break your bond, to end your relationship with your best friend — your dog, cat, horse, etc.

According to members of the group, service animals of any kind are unacceptable, as is any animal currently being used for any sort of profit — they refer to it as slavery and should you argue that they have animals themselves, they come up with any excuse in the book to lay claim to the fact that they themselves are above humanity.

At this moment in time, they have decided to direct their hate and opinions to what has been dubbed the prettiest and friendliest town in Canada — our town, Niagara-on-the-Lake.

It is well known around the globe, to people who come here to visit the town, as well as the people in it. 

Their target is the horse and carriage companies that are a major part of our town and have been for 30 some-odd years.

The carriages take tourists on magnificent rides throughout the town, and the drivers provide a copious amount of information about the town’s history.

The horses are well looked after, and without their jobs, many of them wouldn’t have homes. The companies that currently house these gorgeous animals have rescued many of them from a heinous journey to the slaughterhouse.

As the days, weeks and months go by, what these people are doing is slowly turning the friendliest little town into the angriest little town.

The townspeople are stepping up, when they shouldn’t have to. 

They’re coming forth to show their hate and disgust, and it’s falling on deaf ears.

These people are holding up disgusting signs, blocking sidewalks and spreading messages that just aren’t kosher for the friendliest town in Canada. 

Something, anything, needs to be done. We’ve been told that what they’re doing is okay — that they can protest wherever they want, videotape whoever they want and hold whatever sign they want (including driving around with it on their vehicle).

Yet, none of the businesses in the area are allowed to have signs, none of the people campaigning for mayor are allowed to have signs on their vehicles, and god forbid if any of us were to tape someone else’s child in a public area and post it to Facebook, we would be accused of exploiting children or called pedophiles.

But it’s okay for these protesters.

It’s okay for them to follow, film and harass the public and a local company, and there is nothing we can do.

Where are our rights?

Where is our freedom?

What kind of world are we living in that people who are out to destroy businesses and people’s entire way of life, are given all the rights and freedoms?

I would have loved to include a video of how they’re treating the tourists. I’ll happily show it to anyone interested, or you are welcome to review it on my Facebook page Jennifer Jones-Butski.

 Someone, somewhere, needs to do something to ensure this does not continue to happen to NOTL — or any other location around the world.

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