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Sunday, March 26, 2023
Letter: Where is due diligence for McNab four-way stop?

Dear editor:

Well, I have read the article in regard to the stop sign for Church Road at McNab, “Four-way stop coming to Church and McNab,” (The Lake Report, May 12).

Hmmm, where is the due diligence to ensure that a stop sign is appropriate?

It seems that this issue was brought up at just one meeting and passed without any further discussion.  Where was the public notice on this motion being brought to council? Shouldn't rebuttals have been on the schedule as well?

This feels like a knee-jerk reaction without a viable study. 

If many have sent letters and emails over the years, why is it now that this an issue? A long-time resident, who has lived on Church Road for many, many years, told me they never heard of crashes that were as serious as the ones encountered at Church and Townline Road, which is an intersection that should have a four-way stop.

Church Road was also mentioned as the only direct route to Virgil. This may be true but I'm sure the option to use Lakeshore Road to East and West Line, and hustle to Virgil that way is plausible.

Some may even use Scott Street to get there as well.  

A speed reduction to 60 km/h is a good start but perhaps it should be changed to 50 km/h from Stewart Road to just past McNab to slow traffic down the hill and then increase the speed beyond that point. 

As for farm vehicles travelling slowly through the area, which can be difficult at times for some, some farm vehicles can travel as fast as regular vehicles.

Simple signage such as “Slow moving vehicles crossing,” “Steep hill ahead” could be a much-needed improvement instead of a stop at the bottom of a blind hill.

I do applaud Coun. Gary Burroughs for his attempt to follow the procedure that I assume should happen: conduct a traffic/road study with a report returned as soon as possible before implementing a stop sign.

What I don't applaud is that councillors, although they agree that research should be done, jumped on the bandwagon and passed the motion.

This just leaves a sour taste especially when viable options may be more productive. With a municipal election not far away, are things being hurried through?

Anyway, at this juncture, it seems that any other remedial suggestions would be moot, as council has spoken and agreed that its decision is the only viable answer.

Lynn Baker


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