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Saturday, March 25, 2023
Letter: Those ‘no parking’ signs near Grist restaurant are unnecessary

Dear editor:

I am not a patron of the Grist restaurant in St. Davids, just opposed to knee-jerk reactions by town council.

I cannot agree more with Bill Plancke's comments regarding the “no parking” signs on Four Mile Creek Road near the Grist, “Major overkill with St. Davids parking signs,” The Lake Report, May 12).

I can understand banning parking close to driveways and side streets to give drivers safe entrance onto the street. 

Complete “no parking” coverage along Four Mile Creek Road with the wide shoulders available is way over the top. 

Oddly enough, heading from the Grist to the four corners in St. Davids, after the “no parking” signs end, there is no shoulder at all, yet anyone can park there and block half the lane. 

It doesn't make sense, but obviously it's not a safety issue there compared to the ample shoulders to park 200 yards away. 

I live close by and have never had a safety issue driving past the cars parked there. I feel there should be a common resolution so a business can stay successful and the complainant's issues satisfied.

Douglas Getty

St. Davids

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