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Friday, July 12, 2024
Editorial: Plenty to be excited about

The Lake Report has had a great week, having been honoured for our hard work with 14 provincial awards at the Ontario community newspaper world's “who’s who” competition of the year.

It puts into perspective the work we do at the paper. We were the most awarded paper in Ontario this year, in our first time entering the competition. That is pretty humbling, to be honest.

But not only are we happy about our achievements shining brightly, we’re also excited to see so much good news this week and that our paper directly contributed to some of the wonderful achievements for our entire town.

Firstly, we’re happy to see the name of the Negro Burial Ground changed to the Niagara Baptist Church Burial Ground. Finally.

All around, the name is simply more respectful.

And at the same location, it’s great to see researchers like Jim Russell diving in (unobtrusively) and finding more information about the history of early Black Canadians in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Kudos all around, and to our reporter Evan Saunders, whom Russell credited with helping him deal with the Town of NOTL — which we know can be a wall of red tape and make-work that often holds up projects.

We’re excited to see so many spring cleanups happening around our town — Garrison, Glendale, Queen’s Royal — and lots of people out doing it on their own.

We’re incredibly happy to see events, fundraisers and festivals returning. For too long we all have been unable to be out with our neighbours enjoying the things that make NOTL special.

We’re ecstatic to see our International Women’s Day story about Teresa Wong had such an immediate and profound effect on her situation. Kudos to Janice and Michael Dodd for reaching out to her. We hope it’s a long-lasting friendship — and we’ll be following along when the rest of Wong’s family arrives from Hong Kong.

It’s also really nice to see the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority replacing trees at Butler’s Burial Ground and Two Mile Creek. Like most NOTLers, we love our forest canopy. Hopefully this rejuvenation project is a boon to the local ecosystem.


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