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Niagara Falls
Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Letter: No real control of business signs downtown

Dear editor:

After the April 21 news story in The Lake Report about the impending opening of a Dairy Queen on Queen Street (“Taylor's Bakery to reopen as a Dairy Queen“), and the accompanying image depicting the design of the sign, I was going to offer a comment.

But after reading Brian Marshall's excellent and highly informative column “Signs of your future” on page 18, he has said it all, concisely and to the point.

There seems to be no real control or creative input to any of the more recent signs that go up on any of the businesses on the main street of NOTL.

I hope Mr. Marshall’s very informative article is read by those who may have some influential input on this subject.

And, as we now have a new Chamber of Commerce president, there may be hope of fresh new eyes on this important subject.

Christopher Allen


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