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Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Letter: The reality is Ford is privileged, callousand inept

Dear editor: 

A good leader should be trustworthy and Doug Ford has failed under this metric.

Under the premier's leadership, Ontarians have been subjected to a cruel neo-liberal agenda.

In Ford's Ontario, longterm care homes were sites of cruel neglect.

Nurses were called heroes, while having their wages capped below inflation.

Public schools were impoverished with fiscal cuts, while property developers padded their pockets.

Small business owners closed their shop, while the funds flowed to big business.

His MPPs enjoyed vacations while Ontarians were on lockdown. He showed up late to his own news conferences.

All of this is meant to be a distant memory, while in election mode Ford provides Ontarians with a plethora of ironic images of Doug wearing hard hats, masquerading as a blue-collar worker.

The facade of Ford becomes revealed when you examine his true intentions.

Understand him through the lens of a self-aggrandizing propaganda gas sticker that doesn't stick (money wasted). Licence plates that can't be read (again, money wasted).

Lip service to nurses while making their working lives harder and their pay hikes were less than inflation.

The carefully crafted image of Ford as caring and benevolent quickly unravels when you peel back the label and look below the surface revealing the true Doug Ford as privileged, callous and inept.

Can Ontario afford more years with Doug Ford? 

Mark Castrodale