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Thursday, November 30, 2023
Letter: Positive and negative aspects to plans for Dairy Queen in Old Town

Dear editor:

I had heard about the prospective Dairy Queen operation and read your story about it – with mixed emotions, (“Taylor's Bakery to reopen as Dairy Queen,” The Lake Report, April 21).

The positive aspect is that someone had the faith in Niagara-on-the-Lake’s business and tourism market to put a significant investment into the franchise.

According to the DQ website, the $45,000 franchise fee is only the tip of the business iceberg.

The building was tired and the interior could have used freshening up. There is a certain charm about older retail properties – but not for everyone.

And if our old-line merchants are being out-merchandised by more polished and sophisticated “outside” forces, that’s cause for serious concern. The rosy prospects for aggressive business newcomers may be partly our own fault.

The negative aspect is that if our downtown becomes like every business street in Toronto, Oakville and Hamilton, there is little shopping reason for anyone to come to NOTL.

Prospective tourists might as well buy their DQ treats and their Starbucks coffee around the corner from their homes.

Life moves on. But sometimes it carries an important message for us.

John Sayers


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