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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Letter: Canada is powerless to help stop carnage in Ukraine

Dear editor:

If, like me, you have been watching the war in Ukraine unfolding then your heart is breaking with every passing day.

Inhuman acts are being perpetrated on these people who never wanted such a horrible event to take place in their country.

Vladimir Putin unleashed his troops with tanks, rockets, bombers and a horde of depraved killers who have murdered the young and old, children, grandparents in the streets or in their homes.

They have raped and taken whatever they find of value from the people left behind. The country has been bombed into piles of dust and rubble and might never be the same.

For two days I watched “The Voice” television show, with children from all over Europe. 

Some were from Ukraine and my heart ached for those children who today are homeless or, worse, dead at the hands of depraved men who have no right to be in this country of innocent civilians.

The sickest of them all is their leader, Putin, a man without an ounce of decency. He lied to the world and worst of all to the people of Ukraine, and to his own people.

We all knew what he was up to, but prayed we were wrong. When the invasion began we hoped someone would take his life and those who report to him would stop this insanity before too many people were murdered in Ukraine. 

We can’t send the weaponry they need to defend their country because we don’t have the weapons to even defend ourselves.

Our government has continually cut our armed forces, leaving us without what we would need in case a foreign country were to attack us.

How can we help our NATO allies? Our military is a sad joke. We have money for numerous insane things our lame government chooses to support, but not what is important to help our country or our allies.

We should be ashamed of the mess our country is in. It has gone downhill ever since the Liberals under Justin Trudeau came into power.

High unemployment, higher and soon to be much higher taxes, debt that no country should ever be in and a leader who knows nothing about economics or how to run a country.

He is a man who has never held a real job and does not have the slightest idea of what it is like to be homeless or in poverty.

I fear for the younger generations who will inherit this broken economy and land.

We live in a land of plenty, but much of it has been sold off to the Chinese and other nations. What is left of our country, which had so much promise? 

I have always been so proud of our land, but with what our leaders did to our Indigenous Peoples and continue to do to this day, I am ashamed.

They have been promised clean drinking water for years and still do not have what our governments have been promising for way too long.

Can we be a proud country with this history? I think not. How about you, my fellow Canadians, are you happy with our current state of affairs?

Tom Thornton


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