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Sunday, October 2, 2022
Letter: Why does Ford insist on putting Ontarians at risk?

Dear editor:

So Premier Doug Ford declared the pandemic over?

Then he reduced and limited testing so the true numbers of infections would be hidden. Next, he discontinued contact tracing and vaccine and mask mandates.

Finally, he now reassures Ontarians  that the hospitals can handle any surge. And this, despite hospital staff, in many news reports, saying that is not necessarily true.

So, what were his motivations for such a moronic move? 

It can't be the welfare of Ontario's citizens or he wouldn't be OK with actions that can sicken and possibly kill some people. 

It can't be that he wants more time at the cottage as he seems to spend an inordinate time there anyhow – particularly when crises happen and he is finally found bundled up like a bunny in his snowmobile suit, gliding over hill and dale without a care in the world.

In his defence, Ford claims he is “following the science.” And, to back this up he cites an endorsement of his actions by Ontario's chief medical officer, Dr. Kieran Moore. It would be laughable if it weren't so tragic.

Despite on Monday recommending that people wear masks indoors, it is obvious that Dr. Moore has moved from medicine to political minion by going along with the Ford government's questionable approach and refusing to re-impose the mask mandate. 

After all, if Ford and Moore's “scientific approach” were working, we wouldn't be seeing 100,000-plus new cases per day, which Moore confirmed is the sixth wave of COVID.

Ford's actions show that only a man with a very limited intellect and an extraordinary lust for power would risk people's lives by willingly and stubbornly ditching safety protocols during a pandemic. 

In effect, it's akin to recommending that drowning people throw away their life preservers because they are in the way of them reaching for their wallets.

Wallets? Could that be the answer? Facilitate people reaching for their wallets so Ford's business allies will benefit financially and assure he is re-elected in a matter of weeks? 

It seems to fit as he skips through the budding tulip leaves throwing taxpayers money back at them.

This is hardly the first time Ford has had to reverse himself on so many dumb decisions. Hopefully he will do so soon and reimpose the safety protocols. 

However, we also have to wonder how many people will die this time because of his dedication to getting himself re-elected? 

Indeed, the next time he declares the pandemic over, I hope he makes sure COVID gets the memo.

J. Richard Wright