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Wednesday, June 29, 2022
Horoscope: Expect some clever pranks as April Fool’s arrives

This week: April Fool’s and a new moon in Aries on the same day. Mars and Saturn together and Venus moves into Pisces.

Thursday, March 31: Any time the moon and Saturn make a connection, things take a turn for the stubborn. With the moon in Aries that spells stubborn with a side of snarly. A person born with a moon/Saturn connection has trouble with parents, authority figures and self-confidence. Forgiveness works best. Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe, was born March 31, 1928, in Floral, Sask. Gordie is the only player to have competed in the NHL in five different decades.

Friday, April 1: This promises to be one of the most prankish April Fool's Days in memory courtesy of a new moon in Aries at 2:24 a.m. And with Mercury also in Aries, the cleverness and originality of the pranks will rival the best of all time. On this day in 1972, NHL players began the first strike in the league’s 75-year history. The 10-day action earned them a large playoff bonus increase and more.

Saturday, April 2: With the sun, Mercury and Chiron together at the same spot in the sky in Aries today, look to bold ideas that are original and powerful. Happy birthday #87 to the woman who played Della Street on the 1973-74 TV show “The New Perry Mason.” Actor Sharon Acker was born April 2, 1935, in Toronto.

Sunday, April 3: The moon in Taurus meets Uranus in Taurus, triggering a moment where anything is possible and a cherished dream pops into reality. It was April 3, 1957, that Norwich city council unveiled a computer. It weighed hundreds of pounds and was delivered on a flatbed truck from London. It saved the city 20 jobs.

Monday, April 4: One of the busiest days, astrologically speaking, is today. The biggest of the many events is Mars connecting with Saturn. This gives the drive to build stronger security, whether in a job or career sense, or with your life in general. Happy birthday #47 to Microsoft Corp. On April 4, 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen recognized that their contract to supply personal computers to IBM could prove to be very fruitful. Gates's mother set up the basis for the contract at lunch at the family’s golf and country club.

Tuesday, April 5: Today, Venus moves from futuristic Aquarius into sensitive Pisces where she remains until early May. While Venus is naturally ruler of both Taurus and Libra, she is very happy to spend the next few weeks making everything Piscean more beautiful and harmonious. It was April 5, 1984, that Kareem Abdul Jabbar overcame Wilt Chamberlain’s long-standing NBA career points record of 31,419. Jabbar still holds the record but LeBron James is closing in fast on his final total of 38,387.

Wednesday, April 6: It's another busy and positive day as the moon in Gemini connects in many ways, most significantly Mars making for lots of love and generosity for everybody. The great painter, Raphael, was born April 6, 1483. He died April 6, 1520. Although he lived only 37 years, he is regarded with the same esteem as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

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