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Monday, September 26, 2022
Letter: Make a decision on St. Davids roundabout and let’s move on

Dear editor:

CDM = constipated decision-making; the inability to make a final decision and move on to implementation.

I am a resident of St. Davids and I have been following the media coverage about the York and Creek roads intersection and the stop sign vs. roundabout debate.

This is a classic example of CDM (constipated decision-making). Let me explain.

Studies have been done, analyses have been completed, the public has been consulted and options have been identified. A preferred option has been chosen.

But we are not ready to make a final decision. We need to revisit or re-consult or re-evaluate or redo or expand the study area or look at other alternatives. Why can't we make a final decision and move on?

Ontario has one of the best class environmental assessment processes in the country.

The municipal class environmental assessment process has proven itself thousands of times for many diverse projects.

Why do we want to continually revisit the outcome of the St. Davids intersection? We are wasting time and money. Regional and Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake staff are already busy and they should not need to spend time on projects that have already been fully assessed.

I am in no way suggesting the stoplight/roundabout issue is not important. It is important to many residents and visitors, as well as traffic moving through the area.

However, let's rely on the assessment work that has been completed and not continue to reinvent the wheel.

Let's make the final decision and move on to implementation. There are other projects that need attention.

Mike Della Rossa

St. Davids