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Friday, August 12, 2022
Letter: Nothing wrong with existing town gateway

The following letter was sent to members of town council:

It is my understanding that the existing well-designed Queen and Mississauga street entrance was created so the floral display could be changed annually to commemorate an event or individual such as the War of 1812 display.

Is it broken or falling apart? 

Can any of you explain to me or the taxpayers of this town why it needs to be replaced? I have read nothing in the papers that justifies replacing it.

How much time (and money) has staff and council spent on something that does not need replacing?

I read that the town will apply for some government grants to help cover some of the town's costs. But federal or provincial government grants are still taxpayers' dollars. What a waste of $250,000.

Redirecting these dollars to some project in the town that actually needs work or upgrades would make a lot more sense. For example: the museum, Queenston Community Centre, Centennial Arena, Queenston and St. Davids fire halls, and the St. Davids swimming pool.

Kip  Voege