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Sunday, December 4, 2022
Letter: No booster and a shoddy reply from civil service

Dear editor:

For someone like me, at age 80, the instructions were to wait six months after the second shot of COVID vaccine and then “get the booster.”

Dutifully, I waited six months but seeing the change in the news to get the booster earlier. I tried, with no success.

The local pharmacy took my name and number but said only that “they would be in touch.” They have not been yet.

The Ontario vaccine portal offered a booster booking in March.

The reply from my inquiry in the portal was to “try the portal.” 

My reply to that reply was as follows:

This is a shambles of a reply. Basically you are telling me to go to the sites I already went to, and which were not working, and you seem to think you have somehow “helped.”

This is a typical civil service “wash my hands” of this with a “stock” reply. It's totally useless, totally uncaring and, in fact, totally negligent.

As a senior at risk, I need to get the booster immediately because, despite restriction measures, I have to go out and about to maintain myself and my house.

I have no choice but to make this exchange with the Ontario public service public in what is quite likely a vain attempt to arouse some shame in you people. In the past I have always felt the provincial civil service was better than the one in Ottawa, but you have just stood that notion on its head.

For shame.

There is no “service” in your reply, not the tiniest hint of caring at all.

Please give my regards to Premier Doug Ford, who, if he is heading a civil service comprised of people like you, is on his way out.

Kaspar Pold