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Saturday, November 26, 2022
Letter: Creative NIMBYism reinforces need for rainbow crosswalk

Dear editor:

When information about a rainbow crosswalk for Old Town first surfaced, we were delighted to see that some of those who are leaders in the town, both elected and otherwise, were supportive of an initiative that demonstrated support for a group of people who have historically been shunned, spat upon, physically abused and generally disparaged. 

The rainbow crosswalk concept is a simple and yet very public statement that very clearly demonstrates acceptance.

As indicated by the creative variations of NIMBYism articulated in your letters section, not all residents of Niagara concur with the growing levels of acceptance of this cohort in our society. 

However, such a crosswalk is a visible indicator that leaders of our community see LGBTQ+ persons and their community finally considered as equal citizens not only within the principles of Canadian governance but also within the hearts and attitudes of many within our community.

Those who persist in disparaging the plan only reinforce the necessity to finally act upon and complete the rainbow crosswalk project in a timely manner.

Ray and Elsie Rempel


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