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Dec. 3, 2021 | Friday
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Letter: Retirement village is great suggestion for old NOTL hospital
Letter to the editor

Dear editor:

In the last edition of The Lake Report, in your series on suggestions for what to do wiith the site of the former Niagara-on-the-Lake hospital, writer Lois Stevens suggested a seniors retirement “village” as an option. 

What a perfect project! It is exactly what is needed in NOTL.

When age makes life difficult in a house it is so sad to be forced to leave the place you know and love.

The elderly population, although very large here, tends to become forgotten among more exciting and youthful projects to bring tourism and young families with children to the area.  

We all try to ignore the fact that we will get old — until we do. 

Perhaps the decision-makers can keep that in mind when deciding on plans for the whole spectrum of life in NOTL.

Ann Handels