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Sep. 20, 2021 | Monday
Editorials and Opinions
Letter: More promises to be broken on seniors benefits

Dear editor:

Attention all seniors:  It's election time and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the great snake oil salesman (like we used to see in the old western movies), is on the campaign trail strutting his latest "If I'm re-elected" promises to increase seniors benefits.

The newest one is to "boost the federal income supplement by $500 per year for low-income seniors." Just more lies and hollow promises to garner your vote 

Go back to Fredericton during his 2019 re-election campaign and remember his promises back then: "If re-elected I will do more to boost incomes for seniors, widows and widowers by increasing the Old Age Security (OAS ) by an extra 10 per cent once a senior reaches 75, and boost the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP ) survivor's benefit by 25 per cent ."

When he visits NOTL and the Niagara Region, accompanied by one of his loyal henchmen (or henchwoman in the case of Andrea Kaiser), ask these questions:

How did your promises in 2019 to increase seniors benefits work out? It's now September 2021 and we are still waiting and. Why should we believe you now?

When first elected you also promised the Indigeneous population you would solve their filthy water problems. How has that worked out? More broken promises.

Just another pack of lies from this scandal-plagued prime minister and his party.

My late Scottish buddy used to say: "Everytime he opens his mouth, he's lying through his teeth." Truer words were never spoken. He is the consummate con artist.

Samuel Young