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Friday, September 30, 2022
Opinion: Get vaccinated and vote wisely

Tom Thornton

Special to The Lake Report

Millions of people in our world have had two needles placed in their shoulders and a vaccine flowing from the syringe into their bodies.

It's a vaccine that has given millions the protection needed to prevent them from spending time in a hospital room with a ventilator keeping them alive. They are protected from a lie, “a simple flu bug,” which is what a world leader called the disease that continues to take lives, from the very young to the very old. 

This fourth wave didn’t have to happen, in fact the third wave never had to happen if millions of people hadn’t believed the words of a less-than-honest person whom the American people voted to be their leader.

These gullible people never for one moment thought about their relatives, neighbours, strangers on the street or anyone else for that matter by refusing to take the protection that millions of people have taken in the past eight months.

Their poor choices have caused hundreds of thousands of people to die, nurses and doctors to reach such levels of fatigue that they too became sick and died from this virus, which is like none other seen in our lifetimes.

What is it going to take for these people to realize that getting the shots will save lives, maybe even their own? Is it selfishness or a complete lack of understanding as to what they are doing to the world economy, to the lives of families that are losing their breadwinners or their siblings, or are making life so horrific for millions of people?

The world has been turned upside down by this virus and it appears that until everyone gets vaccinated this pandemic is going to be with us for a very long time.

If someone you know is hesitating, tell them how important they are at this time in history. If they get their shots they will realize they have been lied to and are not turning into aliens nor been injected with a chip that will enable their governments to control their lives.

Throughtout this pandemic we have seen people fighting the need for vaccinations and the use of masks. Have they not learned from the statistics that both are important if we are to stamp out COVID. Listen up people, you need to follow the medical guidelines or you might just be a statistic on the list of COVID deaths. 

Brilliant people are working tirelessly to provide you with the protection you need to stay alive. Years ago similar dedicated people worked diligently to provide us all with a similar vaccine to stamp out Polio, a disease that killed thousands, left people unable to function properly and affected the outcomes of people’s lives.

Scientists told us that the time span between the first and second shots was between 20 and 28 days to be the most effective. What did our government do and how does it know if the antibodies have been as effective as they would have been had we been vaccinated when the scientists told us were the ideal times between the first and second shots?

Now it would appear that we will all require a third shot to maintain the efficacy to keep us protected, however our government seems to once again make the time span longer than scientists are recommending. I question whether our government knows how the delay between shots one and two has affected the efficacy of our immune backups. 

Here we are with a new variant that is testing the theories of all the scientists working to save the lives of millions of people who are relying on them to get this pandemic under control.

And what is our prime minister doing? He’s out campaigning in an early election. Should our officials be putting their efforts into an election instead of focusing their attention on the worst pandemic of our time and making certain that thousands of people’s lives are not at stake?

These are two major situations that require 100 per cent of our government's attention. However, this prime minister has chosen to call an early election that he hopes will satisfy his needs and not those of thousands of Afghan people whose very lives are at stake and millions of Canadians whose lives are also in peril.

Despite these key issues, our government thinks an election is the most important issue at the moment. What do you think?

Your votes will tell us what you think is most important for our country. If we fail to bring our interpreters and their families out of the horrific situation they are facing I don’t believe any country will ever assist us in the future.

We will have lost the respect of the Afghan people and many other countries around the world.

Tom Thornton lives in Niagara-on-the-Lake.