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Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Letter: Ottawa visitors angry over ticket and treatment

Dear editor:

We are senior citizens living in Ottawa and we decided to visit your town again as it was about eight years since we were last there.

I have one of those Ontario-issued parking passes given to people with medical issues. My problem is walking and navigating stairs.

I parked in front of a laneway on Queen Street in Old Town. Obviously, I would not do this if it was being used as a laneway.

However, the laneway was filled with patio tables, chairs and umbrellas. There was also a metal fence at the sidewalk with a stand and a greeter person to get your info and seat you at a table.

Obviously, it was not a laneway and there was no sign saying no parking.

When my wife and I finally got back to the car, I had a parking ticket. Needless to say, we felt that the officer who gave me the ticket has zero compassion and could not understand that NO vehicles would be using a laneway full of patio tables, chairs, umbrellas and people.

We left the next day, feeling that your town administration does not care. On leaving, I noted on the map that we would be driving by the town hall so I stopped in to pay the ticket.

I was told No by the person in charge of parking. There were not even envelopes that I could put the ticket and money in and leave in a drop box.

Your principal industry is tourism and yet my wife and I, being tourists, were totally disrespected. We have vowed to never return and are telling all our friends (who are seniors) to not go there as your parking officers are out to ticket you even if you have a disability pass.

I will pay by phone, assuming that this service is working today.

As for town hall – thanks for leaving a sour taste in our mouth.

Bruce and Lisa McMahon


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