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Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Letter: Conservatives in disarray on climate change

Dear editor:

I am writing in response to MP Tony Baldinelli's opinion piece, “The Conservatives have plan to fight climate change” (Aug. 12).

“Human activities are having a real impact on the environment worldwide, and to deny this, is a failure to understand the issue,” writes Mr. Baldinelli.

I'm confused. Didn't his party, the Conservative Party of Canada, vote just last March to reject adding to the official policy book the phrase “climate range is real” and that the party was “willing to act” on it?

Regarding the Conservatives' proposed Personal Low Carbon Savings Account, it seems implausible on the face of it that this approach would produce the needed decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

Why should we expect an account that can only be spent on a (Conservative) government-dictated list of items to be more effective at lowering fossil fuel consumption than a surcharge on fossil fuel purchases? Is there any evidence to support this notion? Are there examples of it being used successfully elsewhere?

I'm not interested in Mr. Baldinelli's attacks on the suggestions of other parties — I can evaluate them myself.

I would prefer some honest clarification about what appears to be Conservative disarray over this vital issue and some detail to add credibility to what strike me as rather dubious proposals.

I haven't decided yet where to place my vote. The Conservatives will need to do better than this to earn it.

Leonard George