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Friday, March 1, 2024
Letter: Altered intersection an asinine mess

Dear editor:

I just drove along the street beside the NOTL golf course to Niagara Stone Road.

Three new stop signs, which in my opinion are not necessary, but OK. Then I drove into a roundabout that isn't a roundabout. What an asinine mess.

Waiting for an accident? It's likely going to be right here. A large truck had difficulty turning from Stone Road to Queen and as we all know there are lots of these huge trucks in and out of our little town, building bigger and better homes.

Someone suggested this was to stop Ryerson Park from being invaded. Really? People come to that roundabout and change their minds? Please stop all this nonsense. Where the hell are we going with all this?

The entrance to our town was fine the way it was. The flower garden with info was fine. Now you want an obelisk and bigger garden? What for? To boost someone’s business?

My dad bought property in Niagara in 1949, so I spent lots of time here until I moved here permanently in 1965. I can honestly say it is a beautiful town but it definitely is not always a pleasure.

Traffic non-stop on Stone Road. Can’t get out of my driveway, bank or grocers. You have to turn right and go around the block because there's not a chance in hell of turning left.

I have tried to shop on Queen Street and, as I cannot walk far, I end up driving up and down trying to park. I give up and go to Niagara Falls or St.Catharines instead.

We have a beautiful town and it's a great place to visit. But it saddens me to see all that has happened over the years and continues to happen.

Sandie Schulz

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