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Monday, January 30, 2023
Letter: Town losing some of key advantages

Dear editor:

As more people are accommodated in the town, all the advantages they came for are disappearing: a local clinic/hospital, schools, retirement homes.

This is surely a complaint not only of longtime residents but newcomers as well. Is there no one in charge who sees this?

There is a stream of regret constantly expressed in the paper about our community’s development. I hope that it is not being dismissed as old folks standing in the way of change, but rather that it is understood by our council that it indicates the view of a silent majority.

The original small town developed organically, services being provided for the needs of the residents as it grew.

That basic premise to maintain a balance between growth and local services is what makes a livable community. When the town hands over control to commercial enterprises it is a scenario for opportunities lost and future regret.

Ann Handels


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