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Monday, December 5, 2022
Letter: Feel free to support ‘traditional marriage’

Dear editor:

I recently returned from a visit to Vancouver to find The Lake Report in my mail with the story on Rudi Koller's lawn sign, (” ‘Traditional marriage’ sign decried as homophobic,” hateful, July 8.

So much for objectivity in reporting. Not sure how you went about interviewing those in the article but be assured they do not reflect the voice of all residents in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

I don’t care if you support gay marriage. I don’t care if you support traditional marriage. I do care that you support my right to have whatever sign I want in my own front yard.

Apparently those who disagree have forgotten the “Lest we forget” mantra we tout every year on Remembrance Day. People fought and died for the precious freedom we all now have to express whatever belief we want on our own front lawn.

The irony of those people you interviewed who expressed their “disgust,” their “intolerance,” their “shame” for Mr. Koller is that they are exemplifying the very hate they are accusing him of.

Are you so quickly offended by a silly lawn sign that you could hurl such awful accusations against another human being just because you disagree with his viewpoint?

So much for “love is love” as noted by one of those interviewed. Ridiculous.

I think I’ll make Mr. Koller a plate of cookies and go for a visit. Not because I agree with him and not because I don’t agree with him. Just because he is a fellow human being, a neighbour in Niagara-on-the-Lake who is worthy of kindness and love, just like everyone else.

Sandra Miele