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Saturday, November 26, 2022
Letter: Saddened by loss of tender fruit orchards

Dear editor:

Growing up on a fruit farm with every type of peaches, plums, pears, cherries, strawberries and whatever Mom and Grandma grew in their gardens, we were truly blessed.

It’s so sad to see most of the orchards around here disappearing and only rows upon rows of grapes being planted for the wine industry.

When one knows that tender fruit can grow only in certain soil and climate conditions like we have here, I find these changes so distressing. You cannot grow peaches and nectarines just anywhere.

I’ve been told there is lots of money going to the government in the taxes on wine. Is that true?

Are people drinking more and more alcoholic beverages?

In the past year we have taken long drives through our town. We followed many different routes along various lines and concessions randomly turning off one to another. Very, very few orchards could be seen – just rows and rows and rows of grapes.

And then there’s the development.

Just drive along Concession 4 past the former Mori Nursery and Garden Centre. The beautiful, healthy, mature row of spruce trees next to the former garden centre disappeared almost overnight.

Now we look at piles of concrete.

The row of cedars along the other side of the road that used to shelter some of the greenhouses has disappeared too.

What does this developer have against mature trees? Is he not aware that they are vital in purifying the air, fighting climate change, sheltering birds and other wildlife – let alone providing some shade for exhausted workers to shelter in the shade?

I have to admit it – I’m feeling very sad these days.

Charlotte Letkemann