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Thursday, October 6, 2022
Letter: Rainbow crosswalk is a good idea

Dear editor:

I was most interested in the story about the wish for an rainbow crosswalk to be painted on the roadway “in the heart of the Old Town.” 

It is perfect timing as June was both Pride month and Indigenous month. 

As NOTL resident Jordon Williams points out, it expresses inclusivity. Several cities and towns in Ontario have already done so. Niagara College was a leader in Niagara for putting the first rainbow walk on their campus, I believe.

In the last weeks I have noted signs on private lawns with a replica of the rainbow in the heart of downtown St. Catharines.

These signs have small print on them Chris Bittle, MP for St. Catharines. That certainly expresses Bittle's support for diversity.

I think it also signals a fall election, but I could be wrong. It just might signal Bittle's support of these important issues.

Sadly, the recently finished St. Catharines rainbow crosswalk already has been defaced.

Ironically, this news was received on the same day The Lake Report had its article on the hope of NOTL residents for a similar walkway. I wish us all luck.

Gail Benjafield
St. Catharines