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Sunday, September 25, 2022
Letter: Indigenous tragedy needs full criminal investigation

Dear editor:

I completely agree with your editorial concerning the horrific Kamloops, B.C., tragedy, “Church shuns its responsibility,” June 3.

I am appalled and enraged at the awful and disgusting findings, which may well be repeated at other locations through future investigations. In my opinion they should all be considered criminal investigations. 

Even though some knowledge of  these events has existed with the authorities over a long period of time, the Catholic church and federal government have a great deal to answer for in this murderous campaign to harm and destroy the weakest members of our Indigenous community. And this does not lessen the criminal nature of these events in any way.

This is an unbelievable criminal act of abuse and murder perpetrated on these poor, unfortunate Indigenous children, and an empty apology from the Catholic church (including that of the Pope) and a federal government offer of compensation and another apology is not good enough or sufficient.

Only a full criminal investigation by the police authorities identifying all the facts, including causes of death, as well as the perpetrators responsible for this, and laying charges, if any are possible, will bring any sense of justice or closure to those Indigenous people who are suffering because of this deliberate tragedy.

I am disgusted with the people responsible. Who would think that those who profess to uphold Christian values could be responsible for such outrageous criminal acts?

Derek Collins