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Friday, September 30, 2022
Letter: Open old defence lands for everyone

Dear editor:

A recent letter to The Lake Report, (“Make Ryerson Park 'locals only' but open adjacent land for everyone,” April 29), suggested that the defence lands would be a wonderful park with public access to the lake.  

Some local residents formed the Harmony Group, and for some years now, have been trying to light a fire under the various bureaucracies concerned to get just that result.  

A couple of representatives from Parks Canada attended one of their meetings when I was also present.  

I'm sure their visit from Ottawa was at great taxpayers' expense for the sole purpose of telling us that they did not make any decisions, they just listened to ideas.  

What they did with those ideas was not clear and obviously they heard nothing to stir them into action.  

The lands have long been cleared of dangerous munitions and contaminated soil and the Harmony folks have submitted researched plans.  

I worry that the silence might be due to heavyweight commercial developers also submitting ideas, horrible ones that would cause the public to lose access to Lake Ontario forever.

Ann Handels