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Thursday, October 6, 2022
Letter: Vaccine passports seem inevitable

Dear editor:

As with the many changes we experienced post 9/11 (removing your shoes passing through airport security, limitations on liquids, 3.4 ounces in a clear plastic zip-top bag),  so too we are seeing the beginnings of changes post COVID-19.

Last weekend's Vax Live Benefit Concert had an in-person, fully vaccinated audience of 17,000. In addition, the G7 summit meeting in London collaborated on how to standardize a so-called vaccine passport.

On a worldwide basis we are witnessing, in more and more countries, a move to this new type of passport. It is here to stay.

Sporting events, concerts, restaurants, international airline travel, etc. are already demanding proof of being fully vaccinated – hence, the vaccine passport .

This should not come as a surprise. Those of us who have travelled internationally have experienced similar requirements. First for the use of a passport, second perhaps a visitor visa, third certain vaccine requirements (yellow fever etc.) and in many countries surrendering your passport or providing a copy on arrival at a hotel destination. All these are legal norms under international travel.

I predicted many months ago that we will witness a soft opening in many larger restaurants whereby there will be separate dining sections – “a fully vaccinated section” with normal pre-COVID-19 seating and a “section for those not fully vaccinated, with limited seating socially distanced.”

Queen's Landing, The Pillar and Post, winery restaurants and others come to mind who currently have the larger seating or separate dining room capacity . Remember the smoking vs. non smoking days?

Finally a note to the non-vaxxers: Forget about international travel and your civil rights. Change is all around us. Like seat belts in cars, get used to it.

Samuel Young