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Jun. 23, 2021 | Wednesday
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Letter: Please, just stop using bird cannons
Letter to the editor

Dear editior:

Don Cameron’s response ("Perhaps U.K. visitor should reconsider plans," April 8) to my April 1 letter ("For U.K. visitor and son with autism, bird cannon noise is unbearable") questions why I would keep returning to this area when I find the explosions of the bird cannons unbearable. He actually suggests I go elsewhere.

My letter was about the impact the physical explosions have on us, not about our personal situations, which whether I lived there or just visited should not be relevant. However, I now elaborate.

I question why should cannon users govern what kind of people can comfortably visit the area, ie. those who are affected by the cannons and those who are not. What right do they have to exclude any of us. Who are they to dictate when and if we can visit?

I go to the mainly residential area of St. Davids. It had never been like a firing range at a gun club.

Now, over recent years, the introduction and proliferation of cannons has, as in my letter, “materially changed our experience.” 

The year before last I was disturbed far more than previously. What will the situation be like after COVID prevented a visit last year and probably this year, too. After two years what will the experience then be with the probability of even more explosions which already produce distress? Hence the trepidation and hesitation.

As Canadians, living in England over 30 years, “coming home” is very important, as you can imagine. Why should coming home be so painful? As you can see, going “elsewhere” is not an option.

Mr. Cameron questioned why I would bring my autistic son here. All his life it has been a most beautiful and familiar place for him.

He has grown up with the area in his heart, a relationship that grew with him from childhood. It was his home away from home. As seen in my earlier letter, the area is now a no-go area, so I have not been subjecting my son to harm.

Those with autism have difficulty with change and loss, among other things. At this stage in his life, losing this integral part of him is devastating. He will never build a relationship in another area of his home country. This loss seriously impacted on him.

Mr. Cameron writes, “Something must be done, lest the next Expedia survey declares NOTL 'the town most hazardous to a visitor’s health.' "

I agree. And that something is to ban the cannons.

Diana Westwood
Stourbridge, England